Gusmer GH-2 Proportioner Package, Fusion AP Gun, (5) Heated Hoses with Scuff Guard, 10 kW, 230 V, 1PH

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Guided by both simplicity and reliability, Gusmer's point-to-point wired electrical cabinet sits atop Graco's industry-proven hydraulic Reactor 2 chassis, including the Reactor horizontal pump line, fluid heaters, and hydraulic system. The Gusmer GH-2 hydraulic proportioner: a simple, durable machine offering impressive performance at an attractive price.

Ideal for a wide range of spray foam applications, including residential insulation, commercial wall insulation, roof insulation, rim and band joist and even concrete lifting.

  • The Gusmer system features easy access and service to the electrical cabinet. With standard off-the-shelf hardware it’s an easy-to-use and easy-to-maintain design.