Reactor Connect Retrofit Kit for Electric/Hydraulic Systems (3G Worldwide Kits)

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With Reactor Connect communication and control are at your fingertips. Reactor Connect is Graco's latest innovation to help you and your crews be more productive.

Sprayers can control the Reactor right from the gun making it easy to change spray parameters to optimize their material yield and be more productive by not having to go back to their rig.

Business owners/managers can monitor their rigs and crews remotely, troubleshoot an issue quickly, have all your spray data safely saved to the cloud, use reports to better understand your business and provide documentation to their customers that a job was done to manufacturing specifications.

Take control of your Reactor

  • Set pump to spray, park or jog
  • Turn the machine on/off
  • Turn the pumps on/off
  • Adjust temperatures and pressure
  • View material drum levels
  • View alarm code
  • Reset cycle count
  • Calculate yield

Take control of your business

  • Monitor all your rigs remotely
  • Troubleshoot issues quickly
  • Spray data automatically saved to the cloud
  • Use reports to better understand your business
  • Provide documentation to your customers

Better manage your fleet and users with account management

  • Easily manage who can connect to your Reactors
  • A Company profile makes it easy to share Reactor data throughout your organization
  • Automatically received daily, weekly and monthly Summary reports emailed to you each day
  • Have access to a library of other Reactor Connect reports

Reactor Connect's account management makes visibility and control easy

  • Create User accounts
  • Create a Company profile
  • Invite other Users to join your Company
  • Assign Reactors to your Company

Full Setup Instructions can be found Here: <htps://>